060509 Phish, Wantagh, NY

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June 5th, 2009 was my first and only time at Jones Beach Amphitheatre.  I spent the afternoon meeting a million new people at a pre-party near the venue and arrived at the show with enough time for a drink or two in the lot.  Ours was one of a million little circles of friends hanging out before the show with eyes turned upwards toward the darkening skies.

This was the last show of a three night run at Jones Beach, a venue infamous among Phish fans, and not just because the band makes a habit of playing here when they tour the east coast.  The amphitheatre is right on the water, which I’m sure is much more picturesque from a boat than it is from the stands, but tonight the venue would feel like it was actually in the water.

When it rains it pours; it rained and it poured.  I remember standing in the concrete upper tier with water literally swirling above my ankles.  It was a warm night and the rain felt good.  I was wearing a poncho that was soaked through enough that I didn’t care anymore so I just enjoyed the show.  They played of few of my favourites, like Theme From The Bottom and My Friend, My Friend and they debuted Twenty Years Later, a new song I liked instantly; from the very first line (“I can hold my breath for a minute or so…”).  And anytime Phish encores with A Day in the Life I generally walk out in a good mood, even if I’m in soggy shoes.

I have no idea how I managed to get a poster home safe and dry, but I did.  It still lives in the tube and has not seen the light of day since the show.

Come to think of it, the poster might be damaged after all.  

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