073010 Blue Skies Music Festival, Clarendon, ON

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July 30th, 2010, pack the car, drive west, stop at that last beer store, turn off towards Oompah, worry that I drove too far, almost turn around but don’t, find the small blue sign, turn right, turn right again, slow down, arrive, car line, get bracelets, drive to the meadow, get out of the car, stretch, smile, say hi a hundred times, find a cart, load the cart, accept random help pulling cart, find spot, set up camp, sit down, open beer, smile, chat, decompress, feel the vibes emanate from the ground, say “yes” to hot dog, say hello to more friends, help them set up, another beer, head to the main stage, dance, frolic, sit, smile, sway, back to camp, back to stage, dance, stargaze, Magoo, laugh, campfire, jam, Meadow, campfire, listen, gape in wonder, smile, listen, nod quietly, yes I’ll have a beer thanks, jam, smile, sing, wander, Magooville, campfire, jam, sing, campsite, sleep, sunrise, cook shack, coffee, campsite, morning yoga, cook shack, coffee, ukulele workshop, Don Ross workshop, lunch, choir practise, beer, chat, smile, kids running everywhere, square dance, beer, dinner, main stage, world music, folk, jazz, pop, blues, guitar, bazouki, accordion, tablas, hurdy-gurdy, campsite, nature hike, glowing forest, campsite, beer, beer, mainstage, dance, sing, revel, campsite, beer, sit, talk, beer, laugh, guitar, campfire, jam, Finger, marshmallows, wine, wander, lost, found, friends, strangers, new friends, late, early, sleep, kid’s parade, cook shack, coffee, coffee, coffee, Tai Chi, workshops, find my inner Cowardly Lion, listen to the trees, how to make a kazoo, kazoo orchestra practise, beer, burger, beer, nap, choir practise, awake, grumble, smile, chat, yes I’ll have a quesadilla, main stage, dance, sit, serene, beautiful, alive, electric, soulful, special, unique, small, important, Magoo, pep talk, dance, campsite, beer, mainstage, carouse, revel, smile, laugh, glow, dance, campsite, guitar, campfire, jam, campfire, jam, beer, listen, jam, smile, nod, meander, sit, talk, laugh, sing, campsite, hugs, sleep, wake, move slow, pack up, find cart, find car, pack car, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, drive slow, radio off, silent, stop at Tim’s in Perth, home, reintegrate, keep Blue Skies fires burning in your shining soul for as long as you possibly can, work, live, Blue Skies bracelet finally falls off, eagerly tear open Blue Skies newsletter, order tickets for next Blue Skies.

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