080893 Lynx vs Braves, Ottawa, ON

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I have the feeling that I’ve already typed the phrase, “I think this was the first time I attended an Ottawa Lynx baseball game,” but a quick glance at the note that sits in my ticket album alongside this ticket stub from August 8th, 1993 confirms that this time it’s true:

This was the first time I attended an Ottawa Lynx baseball game, period  

I know it to be so because I made a note of the fact that this was the team’s inaugural season.  The note also notes that the new local team trounced the Richmond Braves by an embarrassing score of ten to nothing, so it seems these new Lynx fellows were picking up the game pretty quickly.

Finally, my little note mentions that I went to the game with my friend Jason, which reminds me that this was not the game where I took home a foul ball that bounced into the near-empty section beside my seat, because I’m pretty sure there was a big crew of us at that game.

Turns out those little notes I’ve always added to all the stubs that go in my ticket books come in pretty handy sometimes.

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