Chinalog I: Ready or Not Here We Go

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I think this might be my record for most miles travelled versus least time prepping.  Getting randomly yanked off the street and thrown into an airplane would have been the only way I could have been any less prepared as I was when we left Ottawa for China this morning.  When I woke up at 7am I hadn’t even started packing yet and our curfew for leaving the house to take the cat to the sitters was 9:30.  M’lady’s mom took him again.  She seems to be getting slightly less annoyed by the chore every time.

Frankly I hadn’t given the trip hardly a thought.  Leading up to today I had been busy getting a proposal together for a new book idea which completely distracted me from any thoughts of vacation.  After plugging away for the last week or so I had finished my rough draft at midnight last night and gone straight to bed.  

(This all completely falls in with the fact that I booked the trip to China with hardly a thought as well.  A while back I saw a post on facebook advertising an Air China seat sale to Hong Kong priced at just $501 per person, return from Montreal.  I told m’lady about it, we shrugged and booked it.  How could we not?  Imagine how I felt when a few weeks later I saw another post advertising the same flights at just $400, these ones departing from Ottawa!  Can’t win ‘em all.)

Ultimately I got it together and got packed up with time to spare.  We dropped the cat off and made sure he was happy before circling the car around to the bus station where I left m’lady and all of our luggage in line for the bus to Montreal.  I drove home, pounded a quick tall-boy and power-walked back to the Greyhound station, joining m’lady in the Montreal line after just thirty minutes flat.

And here we are sitting on the Greyhound.  I’ve gone over the book proposal for a quick proof-read and will send it in from the airport.  Then maybe I can start to relax and think about Hong Kong.

Though in reality I suspect I’ll just head straight to the nearest airport lounge and think about ordering a few drinks.

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