031408 67’s vs Petes, Ottawa, ON

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On March 14th, 2008 I took in an Ottawa 67’s hockey game with a huge pile of pals.  In fact, my ticket book reminds me that we were a crew of nine good friends, and the ticket itself further reminds me that my ticket was free.

Which, I suppose, is why I went to the game.

It’s odd, really, that I make a point of going to at least one Ottawa Senators game per season (and usually more) given how darn expensive the tickets are, how far away and inconvenient the Sens arena is from home (especially compared to the one-mile walk it is from my house to a 67’s game), and how pricey the concessions are, especially considering that my interest in the game of hockey far outweighs any fabricated emotional ties I have with my local NHL team.

And really, when you get down to it the 67’s franchise tries much, much harder than the Sens do to make the whole game experience a big pile of fun, a pursuit that they are very successful at.

Oddly, I neglected to mark down who won the game or the final score, something I am very much in the habit of doing.  Maybe it’s because I cared more about simply enjoying a day at the rink with friends more than the emotional topsy-turvy experience of watching your team lose another game in one disappointing season after another (with the notable exception/massive disappointment of their 2007 run [almost] to the Stanley Cup). 

As a matter of fact (or perhaps mistaken memory), I believe that to date this might have been the last time I went to a 67’s game.  Which is a problem I should rectify.

Come to think of it, I was just saying to m’lady that I wasn’t feeling at all interested in picking up tickets to a Senators game this season (which would the first time in almost ever).  Maybe instead I’ll drop a couple of bucks on a 67’s game.  You never know, it just might become my new standard.

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