122693 The Blushing Brides, Moncton, NB

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Boxing Day has got to be the most boring day of the year.  Christmas is over, turkey dinner has been reduced to sandwiches, nothing worth spending money on is open for business, and New Years Eve (and my birthday) are still days away.  Let’s just say that it doesn’t take much to get me out of the house on Boxing Day.

And so a Rolling Stones tribute act playing at one of Moncton’s cheesiest bars on December 26th, 1993 fit the bill quite perfectly.  Though The Blushing Brides are probably Canada’s longest-running tribute act and they play music by one of my favourite bands ever, they are still just a tribute act and as such would not generally get me off of even the least comfortable of couches.  And Chevy’s?  It was a 50’s jukebox-themed semi-industrial place that was years from even sitting on the cusp of becoming a hip dive bar.  It was neither cool nor comfy.

But like I say, it was Boxing Day.

And what can I say?  The Blushing Brides sound almost exactly like The Rolling Stones without any of the awesomeness and they present it with just the hits and no stage show whatsoever.  It’s like a no-name version of a name-brand product: a bland attempt at reproduction that is just reminiscent enough of the original to highlight its own shortcomings, and it comes at a bargain price.

Of course there was nothing to do but to beat a path back and forth between the bar and the dancefloor.  Eventually the encore (and ultimately the bouncers) encouraged me to stop what I was doing and find myself a taxi.  So I did and did.

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