010812 Senators vs Flyers, Ottawa, ON

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It’s ironic that I don’t have a ticket stub for the Sens vs. Flyers game I saw at the Kanata Palladium on January 8th, 2012.  

On the one hand, in this era of print-at-home tickets and scanning your iPhone to get into concerts even a stingy guy like me can’t help himself to pay the extra fee for the privilege of having hard-copy tickets in hand.  (Clearly) I have an affinity for ticket stubs and all the memories that get wrapped up in those little bits of cardboard, and the collector in me loves how they look arranged in the albums where I religiously stick them after every show.  So even a guy who rinses his last dish in cold water to save the annual half-cent on his electricity bill happily shells out an extra four dollars here and six dollars there for actual, real-life tickets to events.

(Did I say “happily”?  Strike that; I pay these fees very begrudgingly, if regularly.)

Getting back to the game, the Senators beat the Flyers 6-4, kicking in a promotion at the time that offered ticket holders a free slice of pizza if the Ottawa team won a game and scored five or more goals doing it.  The only catch was you had to hand over your ticket stub to get your slice.

And can you believe I walked into Pizza Pizza the next day and gave up my actual, hard-copy ticket stub in exchange for a lousy slice of three dollar pizza that I probably didn’t even want nor enjoy?  

And therein lies the irony.  Or maybe just proof that I’m pretty stingy, illogical, and maybe a bit gluttonous.   

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