011607 Senators vs Capitals, Ottawa, ON

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This one really is a bit of a mystery.  Obviously, on January 16th, 2007 I went to see the Battle of the Capitals as the Sens took on the Caps at the Palladium just outside of our fair city.  It is written in my ticket book that I went with m’lady, and a few page flips reveals this was only the second time we attended an NHL game together.

Of course, this being a hockey game I don’t remember much if anything specifically about it.  Unless something unusual happens there isn’t much for my memory to cling to during a standard hockey game; it’s just a fun night out being part of the crowd, cheering on the home team.  

It’s not like a concert.  Those things are generally much more memorable.

Anyway, the first mystery surrounding this ticket lies in the fact that I didn’t mark the final score in my ticket book, as I am wont to do.  Why didn’t I write down the score?  A quick internet search tells me that the Sens won tidily by a score of 5-2 so I suppose I could add the information now, but that seems disingenuous.  I’m sure it was just an oversight, but it does make me wonder.

Secondly, these tickets are in the 200 levels, and pretty good tickets for the price too.  I almost always buy cheap seats up in the 300 level so I’m guessing I didn’t actually buy these tickets.  But they weren’t comps; if they were the price would generally read $0.00.  Which leads me to think that these tickets might have been given to me by my friend Huss, who used to buy blocks of tickets to give away to clients and often ended up with some extras.  The seemingly low price goes along with this theory, as season tickets are discounted.

But upon closer inspection it occurs to me that this can’t be the case after all.  For several years the local ticket outlets would always make you inspect and initial your physical tickets when you picked them up (it drove me crazy marring my ticket stubs like that and I always initialled as small as was humanly possible).  Looking close I can see that this ticket actually has m’lady’s initials on it, meaning that she picked them up at a ticket outlet.  That proves they didn’t come from Huss.

Maybe she bought the tickets for a Christmas present that year?  Possible, but unlikely.  Maybe I bought the tickets and she just happened to be with me when I picked them up and signed them on my behalf?  Again, possible, but again, unlikely.  Why would I be shelling out for $60 tickets?

And while this ticket remains shrouded in mystery the bottom line is that the Sens won 5-2 and a win is a win.

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