012713 Senators vs Penguins, Ottawa, ON

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Before the NHL adopted shootouts in the 2005-2006 season games could end in a tie and how lame is that?  It’s a sport, when the dust settles there should be a clear winner.  Sure there are arguments for and against the implementation of the shootout in regular season NHL games, but when you’re sitting in the arena experiencing a live game it’s a great little bonus.  

Think about it: you’ve just watched a whole game that was probably pretty exciting; at least close enough to end regulation time in a draw.  Then both teams get a fair shake at ending things proper with the faster-paced short-team five minute overtime period.  

Then what are you going to do, stay there all night waiting for one team to out-tire the other?  Heck, it might be a school night, and who wants to pre-empt all those late-nite interview programs on tv?  Instead the shootout offers up a fun little skills competition, mano-a-goalo, and we all get home at a reasonable hour.

And so it was on January 27th, 2013 that I was treated to a shootout between the Sens and the Pens after three periods ended with a 1-1 tie.  It is written in my concert book that the Senators lost the shootout, but I didn’t write any other details.  No doubt Sidney Crosby shot for Pittsburgh and for lack of clearer memories I’ll just imagine that he scored and won the game.  

Of course odds are that’s what happened.

I should hasten to add that were this, say, a Prince concert I’d have wanted it to go into as much overtime as humanly possible – school night or no – but as much as I love hockey, it ain’t no Prince concert; three hours is more than enough sport for one evening.  

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