Maritimelog V: Island-bound

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After steering my parent’s motor home along yet another scenic route down from Sydney, m’lady and I awoke from our last night in Nova Scotia on the pleasant shores of Bras d’Or Lake.  As we had camped in a private campground we took advantage of the services offered.  We did the tank emptying stuff and a few other motor home chores and utilized the wi-fi available to notify our friends of our pending arrival on Prince Edward Island.  


When it was time to get back on the road we carried on our scenic adventure with our new little buddy Rocky the red lobster pointing us the way from his perch in the front window.  We soon arrived in Pictou where we caught the ferry to the island.  It had been a long time since I’ve taken a ferry to PEI, and never from Nova Scotia, but things sure had changed!  Back when I was a kid, once you would arrive atCape Tormentinethere would always be so many vehicles waiting to cross that you would invariably have to wait for the second or even the third ferry before you’d get on.  I guess when that big Confederation Bridge opened in 1997 it took care of the traffic backlog because before you knew it we were onboard and sailing across the Northumberland Strait.  When we landed on the island we steered the Sunseeker straight towards Chris and Margot’s place in Rusticoville, with little plush Rocky pointing the way.

And lucky us, we arrived just in time for dinner!  

Our gracious hosts were exactly that.  We had burgers and ate Margot’s soup and drank Chris’ rum and parked our house in the driveway of their house, all of us with a spectacular view overlooking the sea.  We debated going to Baba’s Lounge to see the wonderful Grand Theft Bus but we quickly and steadily drank ourselves away from the idea.  Chris introduced us to Flight of the Conchords and we binge-watched several episodes on his enormovision.  We ended up having a grand old time all by ourselves without setting foot out of the basement.  And when the end of the night presented itself m’lady and I simply staggered out to the driveway and went to sleep in our own little house-on wheels.

Home for the night

It was a pretty great travel day.

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