032315 Senators vs Sharks, Ottawa, ON

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On March 23rd, 2015 I made what was becoming a fairly regular pilgrimage out to the Palladium for another hockey game.  This was the season that my interest in the sport really started to take off and I ended up going to an unprecedented number of live games.  This one saw the Ottawa Senators take on the San Jose Sharks and whattya know, it was bobblehead night.

Okay, truth be told: pretty much every ticket I bought in the 2014-15 season was for bobblehead night (sucker that I am for free stuff, no matter how ridiculous and impractical) and with just one exception I exclusively bought the cheap seats that came with a complimentary $10+ credit at the concession stands (sucker that I am for a free beer).  So between the free bobble and the coupon for a beer-and-a-half I kind of felt like I was getting my money back on the $30 ticket before the puck even dropped.

So I suppose you could say my interest in getting beer and a useless toy on the house pulled me out to a lot of games that year, my burgeoning interest in the game notwithstanding.  

And while my fascination with hockey in general and the Ottawa franchise in particular hasn’t waned at all* I am certainly going to a lot less games than I used to.  I, like many fans (based on heavily reported slumping ticket sales recently) am saving the bulk of my ticket dollars for when the team finally moves to LeBreton Flats within the actual legal limits of Ottawa, a move slated to take place in just a few more (long) years.  

I sure am looking forward to not complaining about how far away the venue is.

Oh, the Sens won 5-2.  Woo.

*Edit to add: Now that I’ve moved away from Ottawa my interest in the Sens has indeed plummeted.  Sports fandom is weird.

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