Olds (Changing the Channel)

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Television, rerun, stupid, asinine, low, common, news, hurt, oppress, denigrate, movie, old, stale, boredom, news, snarl, fight, news, bleed, talk, argue, atragluke, break, return, political, attack, vicious, lies, approve, shampoo, beauty, ugly, news, fire, poison, news, bomb, terrorist, ugliness, horror, news, pain, puppies, pretend, smile, don’t, go away, starvation, shame, guilt, despair, donate, salvation, army, war, lord, god, money, poverty, poverty, every poverty, where, poverty, poverty, cops, encircle, power, greed, fight, always, hopeless, fight, tears, poverty, offend, news, endless, news, analysis, opinion, repetition, inhibition, dirty nation, change the station, news, news, dysfunction, broken, back, be, rights, wronged, Monday, all-new, don’t want, miss, garbage, news, news, struggle, search, control, off, void, vacuum, off, gape, drool, blink, shift, blink, off, finally, off, chirp, bark, light, window, sun, is up, the sun is up, and suddenly so am I, shuffling from the couch to the door, behind which I find a world that I somehow keep forgetting is worth my attention.

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