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030305 Milligan-Eagles Project, Ottawa, ON

Early in the new millennium a bass player named Mike Milligan landed in Ottawa and my good friend Wayne scooped him up right away and they started gigging together. Mike was one of those curious doublebass players that can hold your attention all his own; heck, the guy even had a solo bass album out. That’s gutsy…

030208 IMAX: Roving Mars, Gatineau, QC

Though I was born a Capricorn I have spent the intervening fifty some-odd years developing my own personal astrology – a very Capricorn thing to do, don’t you think? – and have settled upon: Selective Luddite. Oh, it’s not like I hate technology…

030108 Senators vs Penguins, Ottawa, ON

In early 2008 my eldest nephew Chris came to Ottawa to visit for five or six days. It was the first time I had ever hosted a family member for an extended stay and the first time I really spent much time with Chris. And wow, did I keep him busy…