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041604 Tortoise, Ottawa, ON

The Capital Music Hall was a large venue right downtown on Ottawa’s Rideau Street, just across from Maverick’s and Cafe Dekcuf/The Whipping Post. It was a big room with a professional stage and lighting rig and was unquestionably a concert hall. It looked a lot like a House Of Blues or some such thing, and though it was open for several years I think I only went there twice…

041511 Bruce Cockburn, Ottawa

On April 15th, 2011 I saw Bruce Cockburn at the soft-seat hexagon that is the National Arts Centre. It’s a pretty great room to see a performer like Cockburn, that is once you manage to get up and down the unforgivable slanted staircases that run throughout the venue in strict adherence to the architects apparent love of the six-sided polygon…