042012 Sisters Euclid, Oakville, ON

You’d think that a guy who was in Toronto specifically to climb the steps of the CN Tower for charity would want to take it easy the night before the climb, maybe eat a healthy meal and get a good night’s sleep ahead of his 7am alarm clock setting. And I probably would have done exactly that had my favourite guitar player not been playing just a reasonable drive down the highway…

Folkalarm, 5

A review I wrote long ago of 5, the fifth album from Kevin Breit’s acoustic ensemble Folk Alarm.
(reprinted courtesy of jambands.ca, not like I asked them or anything)

020919 Kevin Breit, Ottawa, ON

After a stellar show the night before (following a less-than-stellar show the night before that) on February 9th, 2019 I committed to see Kevin Breit’s third and final show at the Ottawa Jazz Festival’s brief winter fest. The last-minute decision to attend the show was augmented by my promise to Kevin the night before that I would…