Carleton University’s Contemporary Music Group presents Live Magnetic Air V

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For several years around the turn of the century I was director of the Contemporary Music Group at Carleton University. Every Friday morning I would unlock the door for a small group of music students and together we would practise each other’s compositions and work on improvisational techniques. We made lots of crazy sounds and had lots of fun. At the end of every school year we would take over the music department and present an evening of this wacky music in a heavily relaxed, slightly psychedelic atmosphere. We called it Live Magnetic Air, admission was free, and so were the drinks and snacks.

You can read my ticket story about Live Magnetic Air here.

This is a recording of the 5th annual Live Magnetic Air concert in its entirety, from the 9th floor of the Loeb Building at Carleton University on April 9th, 1999.

  1. Improv 1: Steve Tatone, Chris Yannakis, Dylan David Wagner
  2. Heartstrings: Nick Tustin, Christina Dell, written by Nick Tustin
  3. Repeat Two Times Twice: Oren Hercz, Mark Prest, Chris Yannakis, Ai Koyke, written by Dylan David Wagner
  4. Hippie’s Birthday: Anthony Erb, written by Todd Snelgrove
  5. Improv 2: Todd Snelgrove, Dan Nolan, Ai Koyke
  6. Worm Crawling Under a Pile of Leaves: Anthony Erb, Mark Prest, Frank Deresti, written by Anthony Erb
  7. Lighthouse (tell us another one, Hector): Nick Tustin, Steve Tatone, Chris Yannakis, Todd Snelgrove, Frank Deresti, written by Nick Tustin
  8. Two Tempo Variations and Little Else: Dylan David Wagner, Kevork Andonian, Ai Koyke, written by Dylan David Wagner
  9. Improv 3: Frank Deresti, Nick Tustin
  10. Midieval Torture Music in ‘D’: Dan Nolan, Nick Tustin, Frank Deresti, Todd Snelgrove, Anthony Erb, written by Dan Nolan
  11. Serenity: Kevork Andonian, Chris Yannakis, written by Kevork Andonian
  12. Stareway to Heaven: Todd Snelgrove, written by Todd Snelgrove
  13. Prelude: Kevork Andonian, written by Kevork Andonian
  14. Improv 4: Oren Hercz, Anthony Erb, Nick Tustin, Mark Prest
  15. Thanks to Todd Snelgrove: JP Cote (Master of Ceremonies)
  16. 7/8: CMG Ensemble, written by Todd Snelgrove
  17. Under My Hat: Oren Hercz, Christina Dell, Frank Deresti, Steve Tatone, written by Oren Hercz
  18. Opus 68: Dan Nolan, written by Steve Tatone
  19. For You: Kevork Andonian, Todd Snelgrove, Nick Tustin, written by Kevork Andonian
  20. Improv 5: Christina Dell, Kevork Andonian, Frank Deresti

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