Sandboarding in Peru

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Back in 2005 I was backpacking through Peru and I stopped into a beautiful oasis called Huacachina for a few days. Surrounded as it was by some of the world’s highest sand dunes, sandboarding and dune buggying were the main tourist activities. Being on a budget I opted for the sandboarding, an excursion that saw a half-dozen of us drive deep into the desert (in a dune buggy) where we were deposited atop dune after dune, each one taller and steeper than the last.

Without a helmet or safety harness in sight, we rode down the sandy slopes on greased snowboards that had been stripped of their bindings. We didn’t ride them standing up, we tried but you would immediately sink deep into the powder and grind to a quick stop. No, we rode them laying on our bellies!

This video isn’t from that outing; as far as I know there is no video of that day, but man, was that last hill a monster! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, so I won’t bother. But budget or no budget, I had so much unbridled fun that I went again two days later.

This is me taking the inaugural run down the first (and smallest) hill of the afternoon. The best part is when the guy filming says “poof” by chance at the very moment that I wipe out. And if you look really closely, I come out of my tumbling somersault on my feet like a gymnast landing a routine.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. The video is only fifteen seconds long.

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