An open letter to Justin Trudeau

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Mr. Trudeau,

Gord Downie singled you out.

At the final Tragically Hip concert, while the entire country watched our falling hero with heaviness in their hearts and goosebumps on their arms, Gord Downie spent some of his precious and dwindling time singling you out as the person that could begin the atonement for the horrible wrongs that our country has forced on the First Nations people. Referring to your work with First Nations Gord said of our new Prime Minister, “He’s going to take us where we need to go.”

Will you, Mr. Trudeau? Will you take us where we need to go? Now that our nation’s unspoken common knowledge has come to the surface in the form of a mass grave of murdered children isn’t it clear that a shift has to take place? While oil pipes encroach upon indigenous lands throughout our country, delivering clean water to reservations still manages to elude our government’s abilities. Nobody in Canada believes this is somehow a coincidence. It’s wrong and we all know it, and yet under the rug it goes. Please Mr. Trudeau, not this time.

We need a leader. Any nation that relegates the discovery of hundreds of murdered children in a schoolyard to a secondary news item is in dire need of some very serious leadership. The time to speak is now, Mr. Trudeau. This is your chance to show the country where we should go and yet I am hearing nothing from you.

Did you somehow trick Gord Downie into thinking you cared about our Native people, or did you change your views? I can’t believe a man who remains so silent at a time such as this is “…taking us where we need to go.”

Please Mr. Prime Minister, speak up. Talk about it, scream about it, track down former employees, make amends, search other residential schoolyards…just DO SOMETHING and MAKE IT LAST. This is a pivotal, highly emotional time for our country. Canadians need someone that will tell us where we are going and how we are going to get there.

Mr. Trudeau, please don’t turn Gord Downie’s final public statement into a lie. Prove to me that Canadian Pride isn’t a myth.  

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