062901 Medeski Martin & Wood with John Scofield/DJ Logic/Metalwood, Montreal, QC

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On June 29th, 2001 I drove to Montreal with just about everyone I knew to see Medeski, Martin & Wood at Metropolis (well, the nero guys were with me and another half-dozen or so of the Westboro crew were along as well).

And while MMW at Montreal’s best live venue might have drawn several of us to the city, it was the inclusion of both DJ Logic and John Scofield that filled the cars that night.  Though I had seen John Scofield before (I’m sure I had…) this was the first time I heard him play with MMW, a band he has gone on to basically join.  

(It’s no surprise really that MMW was Scofield’s vehicle for infiltrating the jam scene; at the time they were hands-down the closest thing to jazz in the Bonnaroo world.)

It was also the first time I saw DJ Logic (again…I think), and after this show he was well on his way to topping my personal list of favourite DJs.  Though I’ll admit it’s never been a very long list, Logic’s blatant musicality propels him unquestionably into the realm of master musicians.  Dude ain’t just playing records, that’s for sure.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

A cool MMW-esque band called Metalwood opened the show and did a fine job at that.  I think the star of their show was the sax player’s soprano horn that was actually in a saxophone shape rather than the standard straight-tube clarinet-looking version.  Basically his horn was tiny and it attracted considerable attention.  It looked like a normal horn, but far, far away.

Now, did DJ Logic do a set of his own or was he actually a part of the band?  Funny that I don’t remember, because I certainly walked out of that bar very, very impressed with him.  

And of course MMSW was fantastic.  How could they not be?  Such talent, such groovesters, and back in the day they were still feeling each other out so it was all so very fresh sounding.  And all the while I’m surrounded by good friends equally excited to hear some great music.

So yeah, another great night in Montreal.

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