071615 Mother Mother, Ottawa, ON

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I attended the 2015 Ottawa Bluesfest rather sparingly, spending only seven of the eleven nights onsite.  Checking the program for that year I see that I missed quite a few acts including Hedley, De La Soul, Nas, and Paul Oakenfold.  But really, considering that I was busy seeing The Rolling Stones in Quebec City and driving back from The Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary Fare Thee Well shows with Trey Anastasio in Chicago on those nights and, well, those are the choices one makes.

But getting to the day at hand, with no alternative legendary rock and roll superstars to go see on July 16th I was free to pick a band to check out down at good old LeBreton Flats, and I selected Mother Mother.  This was one of the years that I forced myself not to stage-hop; I’d had enough of the whole two-songs-from-this-band and three-songs-from-that-band stuff and once more I promised myself that I would watch entire sets no matter what I was potentially missing on the other stages.  And why did I pick a Canadian indie band like Mother Mother?  First of all, there wasn’t much competition.  According to the program the only real option was Keith Urban which is, of course, hardly an option at all.

And if that wasn’t enough to park me at Mother Mother, one of my students had brought in one of their songs a few months earlier.  We had worked it out and learned to play it and it was a catchy little earworm.  Catchy enough to be still on my mind when I perused my Bluesfest options but not quite catchy enough for me to remember the song all these years later.

Same goes for their set.  Being completely honest I don’t remember a thing about it.  I’m guessing my musical soul was still full from seeing The Stones play a great show to a record crowd of nearly 100,000 fans on the Plains of Abraham the previous evening.  It had turned into a pretty late night and I had woken up that morning a five-hour drive from Ottawa, so fatigue probably plays a part.

And despite all this not remembering I somehow still managed to squeeze out three hundred words about/not about the Mother Mother show.

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