Watching whales from the beach in St. Vincent’s, Newfoundland

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Every summer the island of Newfoundland gets surrounded by whales as they chase their food in towards the shore. Astoundingly, about ninety minutes south of St. John’s you can stand on the beach and watch the whales jumping for capelin just a few metres from shore! Just outside the town of St. Vincent’s aside a kilometre-long causeway is a small parking lot with a gazebo and some benches fronting a wide stoney beach. Randomly throughout the season the whales will start jumping and hundreds of people armed with lawnchairs, cameras, tripods, and picnic lunches descend on the beach to take in the free show. On June 29th, 2021 I was among this crowd and I took a moment to shoot the above video.

It’s one of the many truly unique experiences that can be found in Newfoundland if you look hard enough. Please accept my apologies for the inferior video work. I promise I’ll try to capture a better one this season.

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