112313 Eric Burdon & The Animals, The Hague, The Netherlands

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Not only am I a sucker for concerts, I’m a super-sucker for concerts when I’m traveling.  I really like to experience new venues, and I especially dig checking out how crowds act at live shows in different countries.  

So when I discovered that Eric Burdon & The Animals would be playing in The Hague on November 23rd, 2013 – the very same day I would be in the city – it was a slam dunk and I bought a ticket online.  And while I was happy to leave my nifty budget hotel to see the show, after an exhausting day checking out the astounding auto collection at the Louwman Museum just outside of town I sure could have used a night off.  But ever the intrepid entertainment-hound, I got on my tired dogs and found my way to the Paard Von Troje.

I was traveling alone so I got there early.  The venue had a smaller room downstairs for aftershows – of which I was premeditated not attending – but the main room was a nice open space with a raised stage and a three-sided balcony.  I found a comfy spot on the floor halfway back and nursed a beer or two until the show started.

And the show was pretty good.  Of course he (they) played the hits, and lots of them.  There was (inevitably) many an “oh yeah, that one,” in there (When I Was Young and We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place come to mind) and the obligatory House Of The Rising Sun but for me Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood was worth the price of admission.  My goodness, I’ve always had a thing for that song.  

This was back when stupid print-at-home tickets were fairly new and back then I kept a few of them, including this one (I generally don’t bother anymore).  Given that it was a show in a foreign land it was a gimme that I would save my little photocopy, but I hate it all the same.

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