030815 Senators vs Flames, Ottawa, ON

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What can I say about another Sens game?  I obviously hadn’t quite thought things through when I decided to include sporting events in these ticket stories.  For one thing it never occurred to me how often I went to these sorts of things, but more importantly I hadn’t realized how homogenized the games would become in my retrospective recallations.  Sure, a lot of Phish concerts blend together in my memory, but hockey games?  That’s something else altogether.

Oh sure, I remember certain sporting moments quite vividly, but not nearly as often as I remember certain musical highlights.  I remember watching Auston Matthews marking his NHL debut by scoring four goals and still losing to the Sens, I remember watching Catherine Phiri completely outclass her Ugandan opponent to win the African Boxing Union’s female bantamweight title, I remember almost everything from the hockey game I watched from my seat directly behind the player’s bench, I remember watching Henry Burris throw a 93-yard touchdown in the final minute to advance the Ottawa Redblacks to the Grey Cup for the first time in thirty-four years, I remember the raucous sound of the cars racing by en masse at the Daytona 500, and I’ll never, ever forget watching (with my very own eyes) Sidney Crosby score in overtime to win Olympic gold for Canada.

But the Ottawa Senators taking on the Calgary Flames on March 8th, 2015?  Nope, I got nothing.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I have a ticket stub (obviously), I have the free bobblehead that was given out to the first umpteen-thousand fans through the door that night (hence the marker scribble on my ticket stub), and I have a little piece of paper in my ticket-album that tells me that I went to the game with m’lady and that the Sens won 5-4 in a shootout.

So I probably had a pretty good time, and really now, isn’t that the important part?

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